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The price of housing in Spain in 2018

The price of housing in Spain in 2018 is undoubtedly one of the most hopeful theme in our country today. After several years of falling property prices, it seems that we are finally entering the boom so longed for. Let’s hope then, the growth will be progressive. And so, avoid repeating mistakes of the past.

Below, we show you a brief summary of prices at the state level.


Autonomous communities

So far this year, the only Autonomous Community that has suffered a drop in house prices, has been Extremadura with -0.1%. The Basque Country remains in the same numbers and the rest of the communities have suffered increases. They stand out among them: Castilla la Mancha with 1.9%, Comunidad de Aragón with 1.7% and La Rioja with 1.7%.



Bringing the magnifying glass a little bite closer, we can see that 43 Spanish provinces have suffered increases in their prices. The highest increase was received by Lleida with 3.5%, followed by Toledo with 2.9%, Cuenca with 2.5%, Ciudad Real 2.3% and Almeria with 2.1%.

Other provinces such as Zamora, Lugo, Salamanca, Cáceres and Vizcaya do not follow the same trend, which fall between -1.5% to -0.3%.


In the ranking of the most expensive provinces, we find in the first positions to Guipúzcoa with a price of 2.772 €/m2, followed by Vizcaya 2.581 €/m2, Madrid 2.575 €/m2 and Barcelona 2.571 €/m2.


Barcelona continues to prevail as the most expensive city in Spain with a price of €4,290/m2, followed by San Sebastián €4,119/m2 and Madrid € 3,357/m2.

In the end of list of the cities, we find Ávila as the most economical city with a price of 938€/m2, followed by Lleida 964 €/m2 and Huelva 1,030€/m2.


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