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Renewable energies for domestic use

Make your house stock up on clean energy and save money every month.

In SilverWolf real estate we believe that we must act in the adverse situation that concerns us today. It is about global warming and its repercussions on our planet. For years we are noticing all the changes produced because of our way of producing energy and waste. The electricity sector is responsible for approximately 29% of the CO2 emissions that are emitted on our planet. We must act immediately to be able to regenerate part of the damage caused.

To know that we can contribute to this change in a particular way, we will see below, some tips on how to provide ourselves with clean energy in our house, and at the same time, save us money every month.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy:

By installing photovoltaic solar panels, we can obtain electricity generated by us in our home. There are two options to use it, supplying ourselves completely with our produced energy or combining it with the power grid, which is usually necessary and greatly increases its cost given the need for batteries to store it.

Photovoltaic solar energy has become the third most important renewable energy source in terms of installed capacity globally, after hydroelectric and wind power. It is expected that its growth will continue to increase exponentially in the coming years and thus lower its costs.

Thermal solar energy:

Solar thermal energy works in a similar way to photovoltaic with the difference that it specifically serves to heat fluids and store them (much cheaper than photovoltaic since it avoids the need for batteries). Making an installation of solar thermal panels we can enjoy in our house hot water and heating, thanks to solar energy.

A domestic installation can be amortized in about 5 or 6 years, a figure that is becoming smaller since many large companies are betting on this energy and great improvements are expected in the coming years.

Wind power:

Although this type of energy is usually more profitable to generate in bulk through large distribution networks, there are currently several types of wind turbines to be able to put in our homes in a particular way. These devices, also called mills, generate energy through the force of wind, energy that we can convert into electricity to supply our home.

The environmental impact of this type of energy is also generally less problematic than that of other energy sources.

Geothermal air conditioning:

It is an air conditioning system (heating or cooling) that uses the great thermal inertia of the subsoil, since it at a depth of three meters has a constant average temperature between 10 and 16 ° C, depending on the location. In its process, a heat pump is used, and it is very similar in concept to an air conditioner that works for cold or as heating. The difference is that instead of expelling heat outside the house, the subsoil is used as a sink or as a heat source.

Geothermal air conditioning should not be confused with geothermal energy, which requires a high temperature in the subsoil, normally associated with volcanic activity.

The savings can be around 40-60% compared to an air conditioning of our natural gas home or the electricity grid. And its great advantage is its constant operation since it does not depend on irregular external factors.

The main drawback of this system is its still high cost of installation, manufacturers announce amortizations between 4 and 8 years, although without any doubt the technological advances will reduce their cost soon.

A study affirms that the massive use of this heating system in the residential and services sector would reduce the global emission of CO2 into the atmosphere by 6%.

Water storage:

Storing water may seem an unattractive resource, although if you look at the numbers (both emissions and economic costs) it turns out to be a very interesting method. Currently, most homes do not have water accumulators or wells, with which we can store rainwater and use it throughout the year through a filtering process, for the interior and exterior of our home.

In short, consuming clean energy is within our reach and it is only up to us to do so. In addition, its cost in the medium-long term is lower than that of fossil fuels and in the coming years it will be further reduced.

To promote solar energy consumption, at SilverWolf Inmobiliaria, we collaborate with leading companies in the sector that, without compromise, will make a study of your home and adapt the installation so that you can make a sustainable and clean consumption. Contact us and we will help you.

Let’s take care of the planet while our pocket

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