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Prefabricated houses. The future of construction?

For some years now, this type of construction has been exponentially gaining ground over traditional construction methods. That is why, from the Silver Wolf team we have decided to give our opinion on this type of housing.


The first thing that comes to mind when we think of these types of houses is whether they will have the same quality as a traditionally built house. The answer is concise, yes. In fact, the quality can increase significantly since the only difference between an on-site brick house and a prefabricated brick house, is that the precast has been raised from start to ” almost ” the end, in a closed place (generally an industrial warehouse) with very precise machinery and with the materials that we have chosen. They are all advantages since generally with these techniques we lower costs, we save a lot of time, we obtain notable energy improvements and we do not have to worry about the weather conditions, supplier failures and other variants that we must assess from the usual construction.

But this type of manufacturing is not all good things, the construction of a lifetime will allow you to have improvisation capacity on site and you will not have limitations in any space (as long as the terrain allows).


So our advice is that you can make the same house in different ways, depending on your needs, one construction method or another may suit you.


It is true that we find a wide variety of these types of materials that prefabricated houses use, depending on the materials and company that we choose to carry out its construction, the experience can vary significantly. Next, we name the most attractive possibilities.




  • Concrete. Thanks to its low cost compared to other materials and its robustness, concrete is a material to consider. With it, we obtain good acoustic insulation but somewhat deficient in terms of energy efficiency.
  • Brick. With a steel structure, this type of property is the most recommended for those seeking a supreme quality. That if the cost will be similar to that of a traditional construction.
  • Wood. Although it sounds like the least reliable material, wooden houses are usually the most recommended in terms of price, energy efficiency and acoustics. As cons we can highlight its maintenance and fire risk (it is not that it is high, but it is greater than before the other materials).


Although it seems an easy task to know which material best suits your needs, there are innumerable details that must be taken into account, so we recommend that you be helped by a professional and that building your house is thus a short and pleasant walk.



We hope that this brief introduction has helped you and we want to remind you that our team will be happy to advise you on this if you need it, since we collaborate with multiple companies in the sector that are pioneers in this type of construction.


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